What is PCA ?

  • Oracle Private Cloud Appliance (PCA) is an integrated, “wire once,” software-defined converged infrastructure system designed for rapid deployment of private cloud at industry-leading price point.
  • Oracle Private Cloud Appliance supports a wide range of mixed workloads for general purpose, business-, and mission-critical deployments in medium-to-large data centers.
  • PCA is an easy –to-acquire, easy-to-deploy  solution that integrates compute, network, and storage resources in a software-defined fabric to enable agile and efficient data center deployments.
  • PCA is an High-performance, low-latency Oracle Fabric Interconnect and Oracle SDN—two products in the Oracle Virtual Networking family.

PCA: Key Features

  • “Turnkey” converged infrastructure solution automates hardware and software deployment with Oracle Private Cloud Appliance controller software.
  • Easy private cloud deployment ranging from IaaS to DBaaS by adding Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c.
  • Support for Oracle VM Templates enables deployment of ready-to-run VMs containing applications in minutes or hours, not days.
  • Oracle SDN software reduces operational complexity by enabling software-defined infrastructure in a “wire-once” system.
  • Saving hundreds of hours of installation and configuration time.
  • Faster Time-to-Market at industry-leading price point.
  • Reduced risks by running Microsoft Windows, Linux and Oracle Solaris workloads on one system.
  • Efficient Oracle software licensing based on what you use, not on the system’s total capacity.
  • Lowered acquisition, deployment and operational costs.
  • Innovative converged infrastructure solution from a single vendor allows for superior ease-of-purchase, product integration, simplified management and single point of contact for support.

PCA: Hardware

Base  RACK

  • 2 to 25 compute nodes.
  • 2 management nodes.
  • 2 NM2-36 Sun InfiniBand Switches.
  • 2 ES1-24 Ethernet switches.
  • 2 Fabric Interconnect switches.
  • 1 Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance ZS3-ES.

Compute nodes

  The base rack can support a maximum of 25 compute nodes. The base rack supports mixing of compute nodes from the following Oracle Servers:

  • X5-2.
  • X4-2.
  • X3-2.

Virtual networking

Each Private Cloud Appliance hardware configuration contains the following multiple redundant components that serve as gateways to the data center’s Ethernet network:

  • QDR InfiniBand switches.
  • Oracle Fabric Interconnect systems.

Integrated storage

Oracle Private Cloud Appliance features a fully integrated, enterprise-grade Oracle ZFS Storage ZS3-ES for centrally storing the management environment as well as providing data storage for VMs. The storage capacity of Private Cloud Appliance can be expanded beyond the internal, included storage, to external data center racks containing Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance or supported storage available from other storage vendors.

PCA: Software

Oracle VM

Oracle VM application-driven server virtualization is designed to be highly scalable and built to enable rapid application deployment. Oracle VM supports up to 128 vCPUs and a variety of guest OSes such as Linux, Oracle Solaris, and Microsoft Windows. Oracle VM is also optimized to accelerate applications deployments.

Oracle SDN software

Oracle SDN dynamically connects servers to networks and storage. It eliminates the physical storage and networking cards found in every server and replaces them with virtual network interface cards (vNICs) and virtual host bus adapters (vHBAs) that can be deployed on the fly. Applications and operating systems see these virtual resources exactly as they would see their physical counterparts. Oracle Virtual Networking simplifies complex data center deployments with a wire-once solution and simple software-defined network configurations.

Oracle Private Cloud Appliance controller software

The controller software allows users to manage and monitor the systems hardware, perform software upgrades, create and manage virtual resources (virtual servers, virtual networks, and storage), and monitor utilization of all system resources in real-time. The controller software runs on two dedicated management nodes that are configured for high availability with automatic fail-over in the event of a failure. It is accessible via a GUI dashboard

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