What is PCA ? Oracle Private Cloud Appliance (PCA) is an integrated, “wire once,” software-defined converged infrastructure system designed for rapid deployment of private cloud at industry-leading price point. Oracle Private Cloud Appliance supports a wide range of mixed workloads for general purpose, business-, and mission-critical deployments in medium-to-large data
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Get File Size in a File Upload Control Before Uploading for Validation

In this post we will see how to make use of Jquery to get the file size before hand. We will make use of the change event to get the file size and reset the file upload controller. Lets do the markup for our file upload controller as follows

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DropDownListFor with ASP.NET MVC

This tutorial will walk you through the details of creating a SELECT list using HtmlHelper in razor view. There are mainly two helper extension available, DropDownList() DropDownListFor() We will be concentrating on the DropDownListFor extension method and its different implementation. Generate a Select Box with Static Items Lets assume we want to display a
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wp_add_inline_script with wordpress jquery

WordPress 4.5 comes with another useful function call wp_add_inline_script() which adds extra code to a registered script. This function is not much similar to wp_add_inline_style(). But functionality is same, adds inline Javascript. Example

This will output: i.e., this function accepts three parameters, handle, data and position. handle is
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Free Popup Plugins For WordPress

WordPress Popup plugins will help you to create most  powerful and flexible lightbox popups.Let’s have a look! .Here are some free Wordpress Popup plugins. WordPress PopUp WordPress PopUp brings a demonstrated answer for powerful publicizing to your site or system. Present mailing records, selective offers and different ads to your customers, clients
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